Apartment / Rental Home Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping - Apartments

Finding a quality rental home or apartment is one of the most important searches a person will undertake. Ensuring that a prospective renter has an initial positive experience at your property is in the hands of your on-site staff. The appearance, demeanor and knowledge of the consultant is just as important as the appearance of the property itself; both have a bearing on the prospective renters decision making process. Service Performance Group can help you to achieve a better customer experience that goes beyond the visitor’s expectations and improve the odds of each visitor becoming a resident.

SPG mystery shopping services include the following standards in addition to client specific benchmarks:

  • Staff Appearance, Availability, Friendliness
  • Associate Availability, Wait Times
  • Willingness to Assist
  • Up-selling / Add on Sales
  • Product Knowledge
  • Sales Skills
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Ability to Close the Sale
  • Physical Plant Readiness

Service Performance Group Understands the Property Management, Leasing and Housing Industry.

Service Performance Group clients have seen the positive effect our mystery shopping services have had on customer engagement, client services and overall customer satisfaction. SPG mystery shopping programs offer unmatched value by utilizing our established criteria in conjunction with the client’s specific requirements to effectively measure and improve upon each associate’s level of delivered service.