Beware of Scams

Several scammer groups operating within the US and Canada have recently used the Mystery Shopper Providers Association name, our good company’s name and names of other companies to dupe consumers into sending money. Using the name of legitimate companies the scammers claim to represent the named company through emails and bogus checks. They are trying to legitimize themselves...don't fall for it.

Service Performance Group will never send out checks worth thousands of dollars to mystery shoppers as virtually no mystery shop work calls for checks of that amount to be sent.

  • Always look at the email addresses and web addresses these scammers use...they are seldom the real addresses of a legitimate company.
  • If a shopper has any question about whether an email is legitimate or not, check it out thoroughly before sharing your personal information
  • NEVER cash a check then mail money to the sender before letting the check clear your account.
  • When in doubt call the company that the check is purportedly being sent from and confirm with them it is bogus.