Customer / Employee Surveys

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Telephone Surveys AND Interactive Computer Response (ICR) Surveys

IVR technology allows your company to collect data from your customers through a standard 1-800 number. Your customers need only use a standard phone or cell phone to access your surveys. Answering your questions is as simple as hitting a few keys on the phone and the data is captured instantly for your immediate viewing. You can even have their verbal comments recorded for instant playback over the Internet!

Encourage IVR/ICR participation by promoting the survey on receipts, signage, company literature, or your website, and consider offering an incentive for completing the survey. Results are hosted online and are available to you 24/7.

Why Use IVR?

  • High Volume Low Cost: IVR is a highly cost effective method to collect data (market research, customer satisfaction, public polling etc.) from a large number of customers.
  • Easy Customer Access: IVR makes it easy for your customers to speak their minds – any place, any time they have phone access, they can deliver the crucial feedback you’re looking for.
  • Complete No-Hassle Automation: Once your IVR program is set up, it handles every step from data collection to report delivery. Our IVR system will free up your employees valuable time.
  • Individual 1-800 Phone Number: We can provide a toll free number for your customers, greatly increasing the number of callers who will respond to your survey.
  • Listen to Customer Voice Recordings Over The Internet: By inviting your customers to leave verbal feedback at the end of the survey, you can hear directly from your most important asset what they think is right, or wrong with a particular location.

Additional Features Include:

  • Service Recovery Alerts: To respond immediately to a dissatisfied customer.
  • Multiple Languages: Program your survey in multiple languages.
  • Coupon Prize Incentives: Increase responses by offering a premium for a completed survey.

IVR telephone surveys provide your customers or guests with an easy way to share their opinions of how you are serving them. It doesn't require a long questionnaire. In actuality it takes only a targeted approach to evaluate key measures.

Interactive Computer Response (ICR) Surveys:

Extend the reach of your customer polling to the Internet by posting the same IVR survey on the Web.

Convenient and more cost-effective than typical IVR phone polling, our ICR packages offer a wide array of options to provide a tailored solution to your specific needs.