Hospitality Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping - Hospitality

Hotels attract customers with facility features and benefits, but they keep customers returning by providing superior guest service. Through a tailored mystery shop program implemented by Service Performance Group, we will measure each associate interaction and deliver back to management a chronological narrative summary and scorecard of the mystery shoppers time spent on-site.

SPG mystery shopping services includes these standards as well as client specific benchmarks:

  • Reservations
  • Staff Appearance, Availability, Friendliness
  • Knowledge
  • Empowerment
  • Willingness to Assist
  • Up-selling / Add on Sales
  • Physical Plant Readiness
  • Quality of Food & Beverage
  • Guest Room Quality

Service Performance Group hotel mystery shopping programs are designed for limited, full and extended stay brands. Want to ensure customer loyalty and repeat business? Engage our service to provide you the tools to successfully evaluate and manage staff.