Marketing / Promotions Support

Our nationwide database of mystery shoppers are trained to provide promotional and marketing agency support for targeted projects lasting for several weeks to many months.

Working with promotional / marketing agency clients, we will leverage our field force of trained evaluators to measure, hand out, assess, test, reward or interact in virtually any project based assignment presented us.

Ask us about some of our “off-the-wall” type of assignments we have successfully conducted.

Here is an interesting example of an unusual mystery shopping assignment:

An advertising agency working with a foreign wine bottling client who produces wine, referred to as ‘Devils’ wine, rolled out a Halloween based promotion - through Service Performance Group.

This promotion, conducted over a fourteen-day period, required our field force of trained mystery shoppers to dress up in Devils costumes, complete with pitchforks, and make ‘house calls’ at specific households that had completed a sweepstakes entry form.

Upon arrival at each private residence, the trained mystery shopper identified themselves, and based on the household being able to produce a bottle of the specific wine targeted for this promotion, received an on-the-spot coupon for $100.00 for each ‘Devils’ wine bottle they could produce (up to a maximum of $500.00).

This promotion resulted in the successful ‘giveaway’ of $11,300.00 in reward coupons.