Mystery Shopping Case Studies

Promotional Company Mystery Shopping

Promotional Company

A client developed a promotion for their watch manufacturing client, targeted toward measuring associate product knowledge then rewarding associates for correct answers to four specific questions asked of them by Service Performance Groups field force of mystery shoppers.

This promotion was targeted at five retail companies totaling 1,225 locations. Consistent with specific features and benefits being mentioned by the associate to the questions asked, the mystery shop was stopped in progress and the associate presented with a “Watch Your Words” reward coupon including televisions, PDA’s and money.

Through SPG's implementation of the promotion, the watch manufacturing client learned areas of associate selling strength and areas of associate opportunity regarding their product and its presentation to a potential buyer.

Grocery Store Mystery Shopping

Grocery Store Chain

A regional grocery chain had a customer comment card component in place but was burdened in separating the mailed-in data each month for individual store use. Additionally, they were looking for assistance in developing an employee incentive program.

Service Performance Group assisted through the creation of an evaluation program assessing employees' willingness to assist, product knowledge and courtesy. With data supplied by SPG, the client was able to reward superior employee performance, coach identified underachieving associates and receive real time data in complete form versus the delay time of a paper driven customer comment card program that lacked summary capability.

Advertising Agency Mystery Shopping

Advertising Agency

An advertising agency client working with Service Performance tasked this firm to mystery shop 1,700 specific retail locations for promotional material placement confirmation and to query the first sales associate encountered with a diet pet food question.

Based on promotional material placement being met and the question asked of the retail associate being properly answered, an on-the-spot coupon giveaway of $50.00 was made as well as entry into a grand sweepstakes for that particular location.

This project based assignment was completed on time and within budget. The success of this promotion has resulted in a yearly campaign to ensure a high level of awareness pertaining to this brand is maintained.