Mystery Shopping Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How will mystery shopping help my company?
  • Mystery shopping sends a positive message to employees that quality service will be anticipated and expected at all times
  • Use our no-cost summary reports to identify areas of opportunity
  • Greater corporate focus on underperforming locations
  • Use results to recognize and reward superior employee service
  • Conduct competitor shops to assess competitor's strengths and weakness
Q.  What separates Service Performance Group from the competition?
  • Program Execution - All Service Performance Group mystery shopping programs are 100% turn key; in house developed, implemented, scheduled, and reviewed before presenting to our client
  • Measuring the Customer Service experience since 1992 and working at the senior management level
  • Multiple industries served providing significant and actionable perspective
  • Partnered with Fortune 500 companies to regional chains and independents
  • North American shopper database of over 100,000 shoppers
  • 100% web-based reporting system and client report access from any computer
  • 100% tailored formats and solutions
  • A results-driven company that takes our clients bottom line seriously
Q.  How will I receive my mystery shop results?
  • All mystery shop results are retrieved from Service Performance Groups SASSIE reporting software providing clients with 24/7 report access from any computer with Internet access through a username / password system
  • Specific results are available to the person logging on; they see only the data they should based on pre-set permissions
  • Each report can be forwarded via email or sent as a PDF attachment to whoever you choose
Q.  Have you done work before in my industry?
  • With experience in thirteen different industries including: apartments, financial, retail, restaurants, leisure, travel, hospitality, grocery, manufacturing,advertising, new home sales, healthcare and telecommunications, Service Performance Group is an industry leader with the perspective and experience to work with new or emerging industries as they present themselves.
Q.  What can you tell me about your mystery shoppers?
  • Our shoppers are a diverse group of independent contractors
  • They are comprised of women and men from late teens through retiree’s
  • Many are MSPA certified Gold or Silver level mystery shoppers
  • Based on each client's needs, mystery shops are assigned based on demographics to include but not limited to: gender, age, ethnicity, marital status
  • Shopper results are objective, unbiased, fact-based assessments of the shopper experience
Q.  How much will it cost to have my company mystery shopped?
  • Service Performance Group bases its fees on the complexity of the shop, the volume of shops over the course of one year or the duration of the project if project only, the locations where the shops will occur and any circumstances that need to be taken into account such as specific hours or specific days only.
  • Conducting fewer quality-driven shops is far more advantageous then conducting many quantity-driven shops that are lightweight on detail.
  • If you are interested in establishing a partnership with a mystery shop provider built around report quality, speed, then you have found the right company to partner with.
  • Give us a call at 1-866-567-8300. We will be delighted to speak with you.