Restaurant Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery Shopping - Restaurants

Looking to ensure a positive guest service experience? Customer comment cards are a good start but often the customer cannot articulate what it was they liked or did not like while dining at your establishment; you will typically receive just the highs and lows of a customer experience – those that had a superior experience and those that vow never to return. Through a tailored questionnaire developed by Service Performance Group we will deliver to you the data to help you more effectively measure service. We will help ensure repeat business leading to filled tables that will generate more income for your brand.

SPG mystery shopping services include the following standards in addition to client specific benchmarks:

  • Staff Appearance, Availability, Friendliness
  • Telephone Reservations
  • Wait Times to be seated
  • Rapport Building with Guests
  • Willingness to Assist
  • Up-selling / Add on Sales
  • Menu Knowledge
  • Food delivery timelines
  • Physical Plant Readiness
  • Quality and Quantity of food & beverage

Service Performance Group mystery shopping programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of all size and types of restaurants; fast food, drive through, cafes, family style, casual dining and fine dining. Make sure your guests keep coming back through the delivery of mystery shopping data to trend identify areas of opportunity, rewarding associates who performed in an excellent manner and coaching those identified as having underperformed.