Web Site Queries and Purchases

Your website is the face of your company 

Many consumers will explore your company via your website before they choose to visit your stores or purchase something from your website.  Often they may email you via your website contact information page to ask a question.

  • How many times have your customers completed a contact form on your website and never received a response or waited days to receive a response?
  • How many times do your customers get an automated email response stating they will be contacted within 24 hours, but never get the follow-up, or if they do, it is not within the promised time frame?
  • How many times have your prospects received an undeliverable email notification because the email addresses on your web site have not been updated?

Could this be happening to your potential customers?

Don’t let a potential sale escape to your rival’s website! 

Working with your standards, Service Performance Group will develop and deploy a web site survey using our mystery shoppers to conduct and report on web site queries and or product purchases measuring and reporting on response times, ease of website use, product delivery timelines, condition of product upon delivery, and returns.