Service Performance Group

Since 1992, Service Performance Group has assisted clients from multiple industry groups with delivering a world class customer service experience to their most important asset, the customer. With partnerships in the US and UK including Fortune 2000 clients to Independents, we create, tailor and implement detailed Customer Service Evaluations, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, and Social Media Monitoring programs designed to meet the specific and on-going needs of each of our clients. 

Service Performance Group provides its services to clients in different industry groups including: Apartment Rentals, Advertising, College/Universities, Financial Services, Grocery, Health Clubs, Hospitality, Manufacturing, New Home Sales, Retail, Restaurants, and Towns/Cities. With decades of experience, Service Performance Group is well equipped to work with emerging markets.

Additionally, Service Performance Group works with FinTech’s (payment platforms), Digital Performance and Digital Experience Web & App monitoring companies from which real-time data is collected, analyzed and published through the ongoing monitoring, testing and ranking of Web and Mobile Applications. With over 1,300 delivered accounts including financial, insurance, retail, utility, healthcare and social media, Service Performance Group is a reliable and trusted account acquisition source and partner to the FinTech, Digital Performance and Digital Experience industry.

Whether an ongoing partnership or a project based assignment, we will integrate our offerings to provide cost-effective data from which you will make decisions and take action with confidence.  For more information about Service Performance Group, call 919-592-3600 or Email to discuss your company’s requirements.

Service Performance Group has delivered tailored, actionable data to our clients since 1992. Give us a call. You will not be disappointed!