Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a process used by a majority of Business-to-Consumer companies to measure the quality of the customer engagement by front line staff against the established operation and training norms of the company. This evaluative process is conducted by a trained mystery shopper using formal Guidelines from which they measure any number of touchpoints during the customer/associate engagement. For 30 years Service Performance Group has designed and deployed cost effective mystery shopping programs through a tailored process to create an evaluation format built to client specifications, then smoothly implemented to deliver timely and actionable data back to our clients, allowing them to make informed decisions and take action with confidence.

Knowledge is Power

Using a tailored format, a Service Performance Group mystery shopper will enter an establishment and begin the process of evaluating the quality of the service engagement. Delivered results to management allow them to see their business through the eyes of the customer. This delivered data provides for rewarding employees who performed in an exemplary manner as well as coaching or further training employees deemed to be underperforming. It is also an opportunity for management to determine if their training standards and norms remain relevant in today’s changing business landscape. 






Industries that Service Performance Group has extensive experience mystery shopping:

As an industry-leading mystery shopping company, Service Performance Group has the perspective and experience to work with new or emerging industries.

On a regularly scheduled basis you will receive no-cost detailed drill-down Summary Reports in addition to each mystery shop or customer satisfaction survey, providing accurate data allowing senior management to see the larger chain wide picture through to each individual location allowing for decisions to be made and action taken with confidence.