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Are you a New Jersey PSE&G Customer?

We have partnered with Marketsmith, Inc. a New Jersey based marketing firm and PSE&G (a NJ Public utility company) for the purpose of creating a service benchmark that can be used for subsequent service improvement initiatives. We will be doing a variety of mystery shops over the course of the next 12 months including warranty purchases, repair shops, quotes and estimates, full installs of water heaters and HVAC units, and online web evaluations of competitors.

We are actively recruiting NJ-based shoppers who are also PSE&G Customers.


Currently, we are looking for mystery shoppers to do the following:


  1. Quick and Easy Phone shops that pay $15.00.  These are simply to inquire about the WorryFree Warranty program and report back on how the program was presented.  No purchase is involved.

  2. The same phone shop as above except with purchase. We are reimbursing up to $144.00 for a yearly warranty or whatever appliance(s) you select: Furnace, A/C, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer, Fridge, Range, Pool Heater, etc.  Note: You can do shop number one first, then call back and do shop number two if you like to collect two fees.  You can also get paid to evaluate any service calls you might need for any of your PSE&G warranty plans.

  3. Repair Inquiry Shops - We are paying $15.00 for the call and $25.00 for the in-home estimate (if the repair shop requires it.  

  4. Actual Repair Shops.  We are paying up to $350 in repairs for anyone who actually has a need for an in-home service/repair.  This could be a fridge or stove repair, A/C repair, furnace check, washer or dryer, etc.  These repairs will be done by PSE&G repair staff

  5. Competitive Mystery Shops to get quotes (phone only) for water heaters - $15.00

  6. Competitive Mystery shops to get in-home quotes for HVAC systems - $50.00. These shops will include a phone and in-home portion.  Any expenses incurred will be reimbursed, however, you do need to have an older unit or need a new install of some type (i.e. central air).

  7. Website Evaluations.  We will ask shoppers to research online either the purchase of a water heater, HVAC system or in-home warranty.  These shops will pay $15.00

To apply – Log on or register as a new shopper:

Then go to our job board to find assignments near you.  

Aerial Photo of a City

Many of these shops are already on the board more will be coming throughout the year, but if you are interested now and do not see anything on our shopper board, please email with shop requests.  

You can do this shop from ANYWHERE in NJ.  Most but not all shops require that you be a PSE&G customer!

If you know of someone who might be interested, please pass this along to them.  

Thank you! 


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