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How To Use Mystery Shopping Results to BoostYour Business

The mystery shopping industry is estimated to be a $1.5 billion industry and continues to

grow. Whether you are a new business or an established company, there are a number of

benefits you will achieve from using mystery shoppers. Mystery shopping will deliver the data to identify areas for improvement, reward superior service provided by associates and provide an insight into what your customers think of your services. When used correctly, mystery shopping data becomes a primary tool for service improvement. Used incorrectly or not at all will achieve nothing. If you’re interested in meaningful, lasting service improvement, we have 10 tips that will help you do exactly that!

With the input of the mystery shopping company, build your mystery shopper format to be targeted toward service improvement, not customer satisfaction scores.

Use your delivered data to make achievable gains

One of the greatest benefits that comes from mystery shopper results is the opportunity to make immediate changes. It is of little value to roll out a far-reaching mystery shop program to the extent each new month becomes another avalanche of data. Review your delivered and targeted results and take action on them immediately. Service improvement will take time so be prepared for a several months of data you have acted on before you begin seeing service improvement in subsequent results.

Coach employees with actionable data

Be sure you reward associates in your team meetings who have performed in an exemplary fashion. Beyond peer recognition, rewards could include some paid time off, gift cards or plaque.

Do not weaponize the mystery shopping results with associates identified as underachieving. Work with them to re-focus on what they have been taught previously regarding quality service and let them know they are still valued and that because the mystery shop program is ongoing, they will have an opportunity to shine as new results are delivered. They need to know this otherwise their morale will drop and be difficult to recapture.

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