Traditional Mystery Shopping

Traditional Mystery Shopping

A company cannot manage what it cannot measure.  Quality service occurs when progressive companies provide quality-driven associate training, then measure their associates’ performance on a regular basis using an objective third party source.

Hospitality Secret ShoppersWhen aligned with an organization’s other quality assurance components such as customer surveys and employee training standards, mystery shop results will reliably indicate which stores, districts or regions will outperform the rest of the company for customer satisfaction and future sales from repeat customers.

A mystery shopping program designed and implemented by Service Performance Group will provide your company with actionable results for individual stores with data further distilled for senior management use, assisting in your continual improvement through trend identifying strengths and opportunities.

The result: Increased customer loyalty and repeat sales and customer word-of-mouth goodwill.

Your ability to reward outstanding associate performance while coaching those associates identified as underachieving has never been better.

On a monthly basis (or based on how often you choose), you will receive no-cost detailed drill-down Summary Reports providing accurate data allowing senior management to see the larger chain wide picture through to each individual location allowing for decisions to be made and action taken with confidence.

On site mystery shopping includes the following components, in addition to client specific criteria:

  • Staff Appearance, Availability, Friendliness
  • Associate Availability, Wait Times
  • Willingness to Assist
  • Up-selling / Add on Sales
  • Product Knowledge
  • Sales Skills
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Ability to Close the Sale
  • Cash Wrap
  • Returns
  • Physical Plant Readiness
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