Prospective Clients

Your Customers

Are you really sure what happens when a customer calls or visits your concept or clicks on your web site looking for information? Does their service experience align with your associate training initiatives?  Do your training initiatives seem too broad brushed and costly versus the end result? Is the life blood of your company, the front line sales staff who have constant customer contact, creating a memorable service experience that results in repeat sales? Our tailored solutions will tell you exactly how your customers experience your concept. We will deliver tailored and actionable data providing you with a high degree of certainty to make decisions and take action with confidence.


Our two most popular programs when tailored then offered in tandem will allow you to learn through fact based Mystery Shops how well your company is performing operationally and to corporate standards. Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys (C-Sat) will provide you the unvarnished subjective appraisal of your customers experience directly from your customers. Both methods enable you to trend identify opportunities and implement targeted training thrusts to address identified areas of opportunity. The benefit? Unparalleled insight into your company’s service performance.

Mystery ShoppingOn a monthly basis (or based on how often you choose), you will receive no-cost detailed drill-down Summary Reports providing accurate data allowing senior management to see the larger chain wide picture through to each individual location allowing for decisions to be made and action taken with confidence.