Restaurant Chain Gains New Customer Insights

For more than 40 years, a privately-owned chain with 56 restaurants has offered up quality American and Italian Food. Understanding that a business cannot manage what they cannot measure, the restaurant’s management implemented a mystery shop program 15 years ago. This program has been a big success. Posted results have provided the knowledge and confidence to take action on identified opportunities as well as rewarding superior employee customer service.

However, something was still missing and that was hearing feedback directly from their customers. The restaurant needed to learn both the good and the bad about their service to ensure they never missed an opportunity to improve. Wanting to learn from their customers, they turned to Service Performance Group (SPG) for a solution.

Working closely with senior management, SPG developed a concise smartphone questionnaire that would be beta-tested in three restaurants over a two month period. This survey placed a QR Code and URL link on each sales receipt, and taking the survey required less than one minute of the customer’s time.

Survey results were immediate. After more than 200 responses were gathered, SPG could measure service trends for each restaurant. To increase the sample size of the survey, SPG recommended a coupon offering a small drink in exchange for a completed survey. After chain-wide rollout, adding this coupon increased the number of received Smartphone surveys by 4,000+ the first month. The restaurant now receives an ongoing monthly average of approximately 5,500 surveys.

The benefits of this low-cost program have been numerous. For example, the survey captured thousands of customer emails which could later be used for internal marketing purposes. In addition, survey insights helped improve food ordering by speeding up the drive-through process by nearly 50 seconds and enabling a more timely inspection of the physical plant’s readiness inspection.

Are you ready to measure and improve your service readiness? Contact Service Performance Group today at 866-567-8300 or click on: Request A Proposal. We will be delighted to partner with you whether you are a single unit operation or multi-unit chain.

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