FinTech and Digital Performance Monitoring Companies

Is your firm a FinTech looking for consumer testing accounts for payment platforms? Or, a Digital Performance Monitoring company (DPM) providing service to your clients to include the digital performance monitoring and up-time availability of Web, Mobile Web, and Mobile Apps and how well they perform?

Quantifying Customer ServiceThe challenge facing FinTech’s and DPM’s is how to acquire multiple online accessible user testing accounts from which to objectively test and measure the performance of a payment platform or uptime availability and performance of your client company’s online sites.

Using white listed accounts provided by your clients is a partial solution but not an objective one as your clients know which specific accounts are being utilized for your ongoing testing initiatives of their sites. Utilizing our third party accounts guarantees 100% objectivity that each account is untouched by anyone other than you, the FinTech or DPM provider.

Increase your scope of testing accounts by partnering with Service Performance Group

Service Performance Group will source and procure upon a FinTech or DPM clients request, online accessible business or consumer accounts including financial, insurance, retail, utility, healthcare and mobile phone accounts for your ongoing payment platform or Web and Mobile digital testing, performance monitoring or competitive Web ranking. 

Since 2003, Service Performance Group has delivered over 1,300 online accessible accounts sourced within North America, Australia and the UK to our FinTech and DPM business partners.

By partnering with Service Performance Group as an account acquisition channel to deliver live, online accessible accounts for bill pay testing, plus web, mobile web and mobile App testing, our clients are able to increase the scope of their offering to industries and companies they could not previously service or only service in a limited capacity.

Whether an on-going partnership or project based assignment we will deliver as many or as few accounts as you request for your initiatives. For more information or examples of our deliverables please email