Meeting Client Expectations

Prospect Request

Email or call 919-592-3600 with your requirements and we will respond quickly to your query – we value the opportunity you are presenting us.


You will receive a detailed Statement of Work based on the information you provide, allowing for your signature to begin the Project.

Format Development

You will receive a tailored draft copy of your format with questions to be answered and scoring weights placed against each question for your sign off.

Robust Reporting

With our first-in-class industry grade reporting software, each mystery shop report contains a results summary, along with a suite of monthly drill down reports provided at no cost to ensure senior management sees the entire picture before taking action with confidence.

Ongoing Format Assessment

With decades of experience, Service Performance Group recognizes the inherent and evolving nature of business and this is reflected in our formats. When a question is no longer relevant or a newer service component is added, you direct what you want added or deleted from your format. 

Our Commitment

We take seriously our mystery shoppers are reporting on a person’s livelihood. As such, we provide robust shopper guidelines to ensure the report is accurate, factual, unbiased and objective. We will not deliver a mystery shop that does not meet our rigid review process. 

Service Performance Group

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